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Different from other roofing options out there, this roofing option is best suited for building rooftops than residential roofing, mostly due to its unique nature of the installation. While it is still feasible to install it on regular housing, it is not something we often do or recommend.

How Does A Flat Roof Work?

Known as built-up roofs in some circles, it is usually done with layers consisting of felt roofing alternating with distinct products such as asphalt, charcoal tar pitch and cold adhesive. This is done with a slight pitch, creating a low slope and thus giving it its name. Therefore, no flat roof is effectively level; the roof should at least have a small pitch in order to drain correctly.

When doing a low slope roof, one needs to be careful. While it might sound easy, one mistake can lead to devastating consequences and costs. If you need an installer, we’re the people to call. With a long legacy of installations and with a skill few can match, we are the best roofing installers North Carolina has to offer. We’ll have it done in a jiffy and with precision, none can match!

Flat Roofing Greenville NC

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A low slope roof must also withstand expansion and contraction, remaining 100% water resistant, while taking into consideration the effects of wind, freeze-thaw cycling and sun radiation.  A well-planned installation, seam and weathering characteristics are needed to make sure your roof performs best.

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