A Day in the Life of a Highlands Climate Control Employee

When people ask me what it’s like to work for Highlands Quality Climate Control, I often tell them it’s like being a guardian of comfort. Maintaining a pleasant, comfortable temperature in homes and other living spaces is not a simple task. It requires expertise, dedication and a deep understanding of the complex heating systems that keep our clients warm during the harsh winters of Pennsylvania.

A typical start to my day

My typical day starts early. I check the schedule for any planned furnace service in Derry and New Derry. Making sure your furnace is functioning optimally is crucial for battling the freezing temperatures that we often experience in this region. During these early morning inspections, I also schedule any heating repair calls in the Loyalhanna and Latrobe areas.

Off to Johnstown

No day at Highlands Quality Climate Control would be complete without a trip to Johnstown, often for furnace replacement jobs. The drive is peaceful and gives me a chance to articulate my thoughts before the day’s work begins. Typically, we install new heating systems designed to operate efficiently and provide maximum warmth.

Finishing the day in Ligonier

The home stretch of my day usually ends with heater installation and heating services in and around Ligonier. By this time, I’m able to reflect on the satisfied customers we’ve helped throughout the day. It’s fulfilling to understand that our services contribute to making their lives a little more comfortable in the face of severe weather conditions.

As an employee of Highlands Quality Climate Control, everyday brings interesting challenges. While the work may be demanding, the sense of achievement and fulfillment that comes from providing warmth and comfort to our customers makes it all worthwhile.