Chilly Bones and Toasty Homes with CBM Heating & Air, LLC

Ever been so cold you considered wrapping yourself in foil, just to convince yourself you’re a hot baked potato? You’re not alone. Here at CBM Heating & Air, LLC, we get it. Maine winters can turn your once cozy living room into an ice cavern. Forget the woolly socks and the triple layered sweaters. What you need is a cranking furnace and a no-nonsense air conditioning service.

Don’t Jack Frost have your way

Have you ever noticed how Jack Frost tends to drop by uninvited, especially on a Saturday night when you’re in your PJs enjoying Netflix? Funny, isn’t it? Well, no worries! Our reliable furnace services are here to kindly show him the door.

Stay Cool when it gets hot…

And when the seasons change, and the sun feels like a close neighbour, we won’t let you melt like a popsicle. The same top-notch service that keeps you warm in the winter ensures that you stay chill when the mercury rises. What’s more, we are 100% local, supporting our community and helping you sleep like a baby…a very comfortable, perfectly heated or air-conditioned baby.