Debunking Common Myths About AC Service

In recent years, misconceptions and myths around air conditioning services and maintenance have grown. In an effort to ensure accurate information is in the public domain, Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. unveils the truth behind some common air conditioning myths. This information will benefit residents in Lakewood Ranch, West Samoset, South Bradenton, FL, and their surrounding areas.

Myth 1: Air Conditioning Services are Unnecessary

One of the biggest myths circulating around is that AC servicing is an unnecessary expense. In reality, regular AC service is essential for the effective, efficient, and long-lasting performance of your system. Skipping routine service could lead to costly repairs or the complete failure of your AC system in the long run.

Myth 2: Any Coolant Will Work

Another common misconception people have is that all AC systems can use any type of coolant. Not all AC systems use the same type of refrigerant, and using the wrong one can cause serious harm to your unit. Always consult with professional service providers like Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. to ensure the correct refrigerant is used for your specific unit.

Myth 3: Bigger AC Units are Better

The thought that larger AC units equate to better cooling ability is another pervasive myth. While a larger unit may cool your home faster, it may also lead to an imbalance between temperature and humidity, which can result in a less comfortable environment. Also, bigger units use up more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Just because a unit is bigger does not mean it’s the most suitable for your home.

Myth 4: Turn on Full Blast for Fast Cooling

The final myth we’ll debunk today is the misconception that turning your AC on maximum will cool the room faster. AC units work at a constant pace, and putting them on max will not speed up the process but will consume more energy, increasing your bills. It is better to maintain a steady and comfortable temperature in your home.

In conclusion, it is important to keep yourself informed about the facts when it comes to your AC Unit’s service and upkeep. Let’s avoid falling victim to myths and rely on professional and credible AC services like the one offered by Climatic Conditioning Co., Inc. who serve the communities in Lakewood Ranch, West Samoset, and South Bradenton FL.