Debunking Common Myths About Air Conditioning and Heating Services

There’s no shortage of advice circulating about the best use and upkeep of heating and air conditioning systems. Some of this advice is spot on, but much of it is simply myth. Our team at JTR Energy has gathered some of these “old wives’ tales” to debunk them and offer you the real facts about professional air conditioning & heating services.

Myth 1: Lower Your Thermostat for Faster Cooling or Heating

A common misconception is that lowering your thermostat to a chillier setting will cool your home faster. In reality, your AC unit will cool at the same rate regardless of the temperature setting. Similarly, cranking the heat up won’t warm your home any faster. Instead, it merely increases your energy usage and your bill.

Myth 2: AC Units Only Cool the Air

The belief that an AC unit’s sole function is to cool the air is another common fallacy. In truth, they also work to reduce humidity levels, providing a more comfortable environment in your home.

Myth 3: Windows Should Be Sealed in Winter Only

While it’s true that sealing windows can effectively save energy during winter, this applies equally to the warmer months. Energy loss isn’t a seasonal issue. Sealed windows can assist your AC in maintaining a cool home in summer, just as it helps your heating system retain warmth in winter.

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