You’re not ready to replace your roof? Greenville NC Roofing Use this inexpensive method to inspect your roof and perform minor repairs that can substantially improve the life of your roof. Secure your investment and regularly schedule roof tune-ups every year.

commercial roofing

  highly trained team and respected roofing experts ensure smooth and efficient operation with superior performance. The business roofing process requires a contractor who stands out from the crowd and offers strategies that provide a full return on your property investment.

residential roofing

in Greenville NC Roofing A properly installed and maintained roof is one of the wisest investments that a homeowner can make. As an experienced roofing contractor with a variety of skills, we are well prepared to provide our clients with all their residential roofing needs.

Our mission is to provide the public with the most efficient, professional service and workmanship. We work with integrity and have a position of leadership in North Carolina’s roofing industry. Our goal is to build with respect and trust relationships and customer satisfaction with all our projects. And we use the latest technologies so newest materials to find the most practical solutions for any job-related problems. We do protection, information, and service to our customers.

We understand the complexities of delivering the absolute best in commercial roofing facilities in industry while ensuring minimal or no effect on your daily operations. Greenville roofing is your favorite roofer for commercial roof repair products.

When you intend to renovate or build a home, think carefully about the roofing material you should use as it can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property and enhance its level of security. 

what we do at Greenville NC Roofing

-area is invulnerable to severe weather, so hurricanes and tropical storms may also come into contact. The wear and tear on your roof can damage the interior of your home and affect its overall value as a result of this severe weather. Choosing Walker Company, Inc. ensures you will get the highest quality products and the best service the region has to offer for your roofing, siding and window repair and replacement needs.

Visit our website and see some of our products and services. This is one of the most impressive metal roofing features in Greenville.  Only make sure this service is installed properly as this can give you a long-lasting guarantee. In fact, because of its ability to seal water completely and prevent it from entering your home, the strength of metal can be.  It is also sufficiently long-lasting to be able to snow hard and withstand high winds. It can avoid mildew, rot, insects, fire and other harmful elements.

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