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When you think of side roofing in Greenville NC, NC, you tend to most often think of traditional wood or vinyl options with wood having a more appealing appearance but more maintenance and vinyl having a more plastic look but longer lasting results with less maintenance and a more durable finish.

Why choose us for your wood or vinyl siding service installation?

With the largest range of materials and options available, our clients are never pressed for choice. From beginning to end, do it with the best Greenville NC has to offer here at Greenville NC Roofing Contractors!

An option we are seeing more and more often over the traditional two choices is fibre cement siding, for good reason too. With a better finish than vinyl but stronger than wood, it is a long-lasting option that needs nearly no maintenance.

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When homeowners in Greenville, NC believe about traditional wood or vinyl alternatives. Wood looks better than vinyl in general but rotting occurs and can require too much maintenance. Vinyl maintenance, however, has a plastic look. It is certainly less than wood. There may also be some fading, denture and cracking. Take into account cement. Fiber cement siding is progressively used in Greenville–and among homeowners, for excellent reason. It feels better and stronger than vinyl. It lasts longer than wood and requires virtually no maintenance.

We’re the best roofing installer there is, and we offer our clients more than just high-quality installations! Our siding repair services are second to none and we offer second opinions for those looking for one! Work with the roofers you can trust!

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