Sweeping the Air of Misinformation: HVAC Myths Busted!

In homes across Coral Springs, FL, White City, FL, Parkland, PL, Deerfield Beach, FL, Ft. Pierce, FL & Wilton Manors, FL, HVAC systems are an integral part of ensuring comfort. However, there exist numerous myths surrounding AC service, AC repair, and HVAC installation. At Engineered Air, LLC, our goal is to address these misconceptions and ensure your comfort systems are operating at peak performance.

Myth 1: AC Maintenance Isn’t Necessary Unless There’s a Problem

This is one of the most common and detrimental myths plaguing the industry. Like any mechanical device, your air conditioner system defaults to Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Neglecting regular AC service could lead to costly repairs down the line. Even if your system appears to be working fine, preventive check-ups are vital for ensuring long-lasting performance.

Myth 2: Cranking Down the Thermostat Cools Your Home Faster

Contrarily, turning your AC down to Arctic temperatures won’t cool your home faster. Your air conditioner works at the same pace, regardless of the temperature setting. Over-adjusting the thermostat could lead to wasteful energy consumption and unnecessary strain on your system. Instead, opt for steady settings and regular AC servicing to maintain optimum efficiency.

Myth 3: HVAC Installation Can Be Handled as a DIY

While the internet is full of DIY guides, HVAC installation isn’t a job for amateurs. Proper installation requires expertise and precision, which only a certified professional such as those at Engineered Air, LLC can provide. Incorrect installation not only leads to inefficient performance but may also pose safety risks.

Myth 4: Heat Pump Installation Doesn’t Have a Season

Contrary to the myth, the timing of heat pump installation does matter. Late spring or early fall is the ideal time for installation, as the system can be tested and adjusted in both heating and cooling modes.

Busting these myths is just the first step. Remember that home comfort systems such as air conditioner service, AC repair, and HVAC installation should not be DIY-ed or neglected. The professionals at Engineered Air, LLC are always ready to provide the expert service you need for your home’s heating and cooling systems.