The Silver Lining in Your Storm-damaged Roof in New York

Is your roof speaking to you? Not in a creepy, haunted house kind of way, but more of a “Hey, I could use a bit of a fix” kind of way. If your manor in Kenmore or Tonawanda has started leaking your secrets (literally), maybe it’s time for a change. Never fear, Storm Xpert is here.

Roof Replacement professionals in Kenmore and Tonawanda, NY

From small roof repairs in West Seneca and Buffalo to dramatic roof transformations in Lackawanna, Storm Xpert is the Michelangelo of the roofing world. Yep, you might as well call them Michelangelo because they’ll replace your creaky old roof with Michelangelo’s David-for-roofs.

Expert Siding Installation in Lackawanna, NY

From siding installation in Lackawanna to new roof installation in Williamsville, we’re Renovators on a mission! Our super-skilled roofing contractors will swoop in and transform your home into a showstopper, like a superhero … without the tight-fitting costume.

While you keep making memories, our team will be there to keep you dry and safe. We’ll be the silent guardian, the watchful protector – your Storm Xpert, at your service. So go ahead, make some noise, live life out loud. Just remember, when your roof needs a whisper or a shout, Storm Xpert is up for the bout!